Faye Lopes is our practice manager. She has been in our office for 21 years now. Known by all for her friendly and helpful disposition she is in charge of running our office including organising surgeries and overseeing all aspects of running the practice.










 Yvonne Ferguson is our number one practice secretary. She has now been with us for 18 years .  Yvonne performs and organises all the practice secretarial  and receptionist duties and goes out of her way to be helpful and accomodating to our patients.










 Andrew Phillipatos has been associated with our practice since 1995. He is an outstanding general and implant audiologist committed to excellence in audiology. He also runs his own hearing aid business known as "Clearer Hearing."





Liora Symons has been working as an audiologist on a sessional basis for our practice now for many years.  Like all of our staff she has    a very pleasant, helpful and friendly disposition as well as a high level of audiologic skills.